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Struggling with trust issues?


Have you ever felt sure that you couldn’t trust someone, even if they had done nothing to cause you to doubt them? Trust issues can cause suspicion, anxiety, and doubt, and can be very damaging to romantic, personal, and professional relationships. Learning to trust again can be difficult but necessary to maintain your emotional wellbeing. Building trust in a relationship is key to counting on each other and maintaining longevity.

What is trust?

Trust is the belief in the reliability and truth of another person. 

Signs that you have trust issues

1. Anticipating and assuming betrayal in important relationships 
2. Limiting relationships to avoid abandonment 
3. Avoiding commitment and intimacy 
4. Excessive focus on the negative
5. Holding grudges and difficulty letting go

Overcome your trust issues:

1. Accept the risk that comes with learning to trust again.
2. Validate what you're feeling
3. Communicate honestly and often.
4. Allow yourself vulnerability 
5. Explore root of your trust issues (e.g. past betrayal)